Build A Successful Creative Business Through Positive Habits.


Creative minds can be incredibly scattered.

There are so many ideas, and so many things to do, it's easy to see why often get overwhelmed by our tasks, both professionally and personally.

I've created a step by step to guide help you to find your most important career goals, and then achieve them.

Day to day, week to week all year long.

Fully customized for you to maximize your time and achieve your creative or photo business mastery.

If you're a freelancer, and you work in the creative world, see if you can stay on pace with this habit tracker.

Live by this and you'll accomplish more in 12 weeks than others do in a year. 

I had bad habits. So I changed them. This is the formula that helped me do it.

This couldn't possibly exist anywhere.

So I made it.


Efficiency Boost

My Notion Templates are easy to use, motivational, extremely detailed, and help you with your day to day tasks. Set your priorities and attack.

Consistent Progress

Learn how to find your true goals, map them, prioritize them and maintain a steady pace towards them with my Habit Tracker.

Goal Achievement

My Pro Creatives Habit Tracker scores you and shows you what you missed each day and what you accomplished towards achieving your creative goals.

Un-F*ck Your Creative Life.

I forgot how to push into the unknown with my life, my photography, and my career. So many people have no idea how much better they could feel. How much better their photography and life could be.


Destructive Cycles

I’ve gone through some dark times during this 30-year career. The problem?
I didn't know how destructive my yearly cycle actually was.
It was just a normal phase of my life.
When it was warm outside, work was good, so my life was good.
But when it got cold out there? When it got slow?
It’s insane to me now, that my standards back then, and my good days back then, would be my useless time-wasting days now.


I Had Lost My Path

I had forgotten how to push into the unknown with my life, my photography, and my career.
So many people have no idea how much better they could feel. How much better their photography life, or their life in general, could be.


A Bottom of the Barrel Life 

I didn’t realize that my normal state back then was a bottom of the barrel life.
I would start my days at 11 or 12. I was eating poorly, consuming beers almost every evening, snacking on M&M’s as food, and I wasn’t very social in real life or online.
Daily, I would feel like garbage and I would sit and binge-watch episodes on Netflix.
Although I had an amazing portfolio, I was just sitting and waiting for work.


Snapping Out of It

I managed to snap myself out of it. I learned so much along the way.
For finding me today I’m dropping some free Photography Career Advice for the smart ones.
The words I share aren’t for everyone. I’m more than okay with that.
The information a Pro Photographer takes the time to share with you is invaluable, whether you’re in a studio assisting or if you’re right there, reading me.

Choices Come After Choices

Do whatever you can possibly do in order to make better choices for your life.
Choices come after choices.
You don't just make the choice to quit your job without making the prior choices that allow you to do that.
Choose to get better with your camera.
Choose to get better at business.
Choose to make a plan.


Learning Through Difficulty

We learn by doing the things that are difficult, more than once.
Failure is how we really learn.
We have to push into the unknown in order to discover the skill or mindset or whatever that allows us to reach that next mental place.
Then, from a higher level of mind, we can come back to that situation and solve any problem.
Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem from the same mind that created it."


Pushing Into The Unknown

So, the big question…. How do you unfuck your photography life? or unfuck your life in general?
Increasing our mental capacity comes first.
Increasing our mental capacity comes from pushing into the unknown.
Cultivating new skills, understanding new knowledge, getting out of the known, comfortable routine and daily cycle that you may have dug yourself into.
The quality of your life one year from now, will depend on the little choices that you make every day.


The Importance of Failure

You don’t have to make perfect choices. It's actually better if you make mistakes.
The greatest risk is no risk at all. How else would you fail without failure?
Improvement is literally impossible without failure. So fail big.
It’s how we learn photography.
Big Fails mean, bigger lessons, bigger growth, new skills, and a better you next time.
Without failure, there can’t be improvement, without continually striving for improvement, there is no aim or direction for your life.
Without an aim for your life, everything becomes meaningless.
Apply this to your photography and your photography business.
Apply this to everything.




  • Combining the Science of Vision and Action.
  • Reach Your Life Goals.
  • Create Your Value Mission
  • Execution System and Routine.
  • Aligns your Daily Actions with a Long-Term Vision.
  • Solves your execution problem.
  • Expandable Categorized Life Notes
  • Multi-view sections.
  • Magnetic Messaging Cheat Sheet.
  • Score yourself daily.
  • Learn Intelligent Imitation.
  • Mini-course to teach you the ways of the Jedi.

Build A Successful Online Business Through Positive Habits.

I had bad habits. So I changed them. This is the formula that helped me do it.


After watching his YouTube videos for hours on end, I joined his Discord community and then his Masterclass. I've joined other creators' groups before, but they usually hang back and let people talk among themselves. Carty actually participates and engages with us. He's so generous with his time and energy, showing how deeply he believes in and actually embodies "Me. We." Through Carty, I've gained knowledge and skills I didn't even realize I should develop. He teaches you how to speak and carry yourself like a pro using the right lingo and avoiding newbie mistakes that could make you look too fresh to be taken seriously. He taught me personally how to get taken seriously by modeling agencies and it's only been one month and I've already worked with two. 


Getting to pick Carty's brain for personalized guidance in the 1:1 time he gives us in the Masterclass is absolutely the highlight of the class for me. I'm blown away by the calibre of highly specific advice I can get directly from such a seasoned expert and successful leader in the field. It's easily the most valuable piece of the Masterclass. Looking back, I wish I had known about Carty years ago. I went to photography school right after high school and dropped almost 50k. I was young and dumb. If I could do it over, I would've saved that money and invested in Carty's Masterclass instead. With his mentorship, I could've built a strong portfolio and real skills. Carty is a one-of-a-kind creator, coach, and mentor. I'm so grateful.

The Execution Problem.


Change your behaviour, change your life.

We know that in order to loose weight we have to eat less and exercise more.

But nearly 2 out of 3 adults in the US are considered overweight.

It tells you, we don’t have an information problem.

We have an execution problem.

You can achieve life changing results through consistent action.

Change your planning and your execution, you’ll get more done in 12 weeks than most do in a year.

It’s not what you know.

It’s not who you know.

It’s what you implement that counts.

This will help you get there.


Charting Your Path Forward in Photography

It's clear that the road to success in photography, as in life, is paved with choices and challenges.
Over the past 33 years, I've learned that embracing the unknown, acknowledging my failures, and making conscious decisions each day shapes not only my career but shapes my life.


The essence of improvement lies in the willingness to fail and learn from those failures.
Each misstep is a stepping stone towards growth, a chance to refine your skills and redefine your goals.
Your journey as a photographer is uniquely yours – it's a lifelong frame waiting for you to compose your cover stories, irrespective of the hurdles that come your way.
Go beyond your comfort zone. Make bold choices.
Let your passion for photography drive you to explore uncharted territories.
Above all, cherish each moment of this journey.
The beauty of photography is not just in the images we capture but in the stories we live and the lessons we learn along the way.
Thank you for sharing your time with me and making to the end of my words.
You’ll find success with bringing value to people with the countless incredible moments you'll create.
Keep pushing into the unknown, make your mark, and remember: in the world of photography, the only limits that exist are the ones you set for yourself.

Jayson Williams

Words can not even begin to describe how the Carty method took me from being an average shooter, into a powerhouse of creativity.

He is passionate about developing emerging photographers like myself and turning them into working pros. 

I promise you after taking his Mentorship program, you won't be the same person trying to revive a dead career, You will become better!

Thomas Wallace

Carty's way of teaching the next generation of photographers how to photograph the world and the people on it, is infectious.

His down to earth and blunt way of giving you the info you need to succeed is either helpful or detrimental to you based on how you use it.

He doesn't shy away from telling you how it is. I've learned a lot about myself from his content, and I'd guarantee other's have too.

Joshua Hoehne

Within just 6 months, Steve Carty has become an invaluable mentor for my photography journey.

His refreshing approach blends personal guidance, expert insights, and honest feedback.

He's not just a skilled photographer, but a passionate educator who deeply cares for his students' growth.

His weekly reviews are insightful, and his Masterclass provides unmatched business strategies.

Learning from him is intense, but deeply rewarding.