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Imagine living your ideal life as a successful Professional Photographer

My frameworks and experience will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to make this dream a reality.

Part Instruction.

Part Coaching.

Welcome to a year-long business blueprint and coaching program designed to get your photography or creative business off the ground.

☑️ Proven Curriculum.

A step-by-step, self-paced roadmap designed to get your photography business off the ground, from building a strong body of work to landing your dream clients.

☑️ Weekly Coaching

Whether you’re stuck on a project, want feedback on your progress, or have a client hurdle in your way, join a weekly check-in group coaching call and get unstuck. 

 ☑️ Online Community

There’s no going alone on this business-building journey. Share your wins, stay motivated, build and hold each other accountable inside our private, online community.

☑️ Resources & Templates 

You’ll get access to a library of templates, resources, and digital tools, including: my habit tracker, call sheet, quote outlines, email templates, and more.

☑️ Weekly Photo Reviews

My Pro group includes my YouTube photo reviews. In community you'll get website reviews, help with Raw file processing, social media reviews and more.

☑️ Bonus Videos

Carefully curated content from my extensive library curated to support your business growth from all perspectives from mindset shifts, to high end lighting.

Made by a 33yr Pro. Designed for you.

If you are in the business of selling creative services to clients, my Pro Accelerator will help you get started and find traction with your ideal clients.





Content. (the right kind) 


The 3 pillars I believe you need to get to $100K with your camera. 

Kurt Wahl

"At the beginning of January 2024 I discovered your YouTube Channel and I have been hooked ever since. I am watching your videos everyday and re-played a few of them while driving - my eyes on the road of course :). You are the first working professional photographer the sincerely cares about his viewers. U R Awesome!"

Kamia J. Funchess

"I supported your work because you are helping me recalibrate my mindset around photography and the direction I want to go in. You are a wealth of information."

Chris Robinson

"I found your work and teachings through Youtube. What i've found is you have a no bullshit approach without the clickbait claims. I'm learning from you, so I figure why not show support. I'm considering signing up for your masterclass or mentorship program."



"Thank you for sharing real useful and deep information content for Pro Photographers, really high quality information."

Tanya Maycock

"I have already learned a lot from you on your YouTube channel as well as from the free newsletter. I want to have more access to some truly valuable information. "

Dan D'Ascenzo

"Hey Steve, I'm a huge fan of your work, content and mindset. Keep the great work."

Ernest Poole

"Just in the short time of watching your videos and your live broadcast I have learned sooo much. So your writing is valuable to me because i can watch your videos and in my down time read from your perspective n how to become a pro photographer."

Curtis Allen Gibeaut Jr.

"I've been active with you on your community and YouTube. As I've told you on the other platforms the value you are giving away for pennies is amazing. I'm here for it all. Good Vibes!!!"

Cameron Spurlock

"I came across your YouTube videos and the are very inspirational. I've wanted to be a photographer my entire life but have found excuses not to pursue my passion. Your content has inspired me to not put the pursuit of becoming a professional photographer off any longer. I am interested in your 30 years of photography knowledge and perspective."

Photography School Costs Upwards of $50K.

Back when I went to Photography school in 1990, tuition was $1100/yr and that was more money than I had ever seen at once before.

Photography School Instructors are great at teaching the foundations of photography but when you're looking to turn what you've already learned into a career, you'll quickly feel a massive gap in understanding.

Closing that gap It's what I've done with my assistants since early in my career. I started turning assistants into pros back in '95.

I started in person beginner workshops in '06. 3 Years ago, I reformulated my YouTube channel to help emerging and struggling photographers develop their careers.

My goal is to help you narrow your gap between making work and getting work using my proven method.

My fees for my programs are a direct relation to the value I bring and how quickly you'll experience results if you act on what you'll learn.

I take on 50 Photographers this round. Remaining spaces are limited.



Most Convenient

  • Proven Curriculum.
  • Weekly Coaching

  • Online Pro Community

  • Resources & Templates

  • YouTube Submissions

  • Bonus Videos




Most Popular

  • Proven Curriculum.
  • Weekly Coaching

  • Online Pro Community

  • Resources & Templates

  • YouTube Submissions

  • Bonus Videos