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My Methodology

"The future photographer isn't just a photographer at all. They have mastered the evergreen skills to bridge the gap to becoming a content creator. An idea generator. A storyteller, A specialist in idea execution. One that brings value to every table they attend."


I'm Steve Carty

With over 30 years of professional photography experience, I specialize in editorial portraits, street style, and advertising.

My goal with all my content is to share actionable tasks that you can do daily to get to that next level in your professional photography journey.

The mastery part of this craft comes when you're turning your passion into profit.

I’ll show you how to make it in this highly competitive industry. I use what I’ve learned through coaching emerging pros just like you find career success. 


Learn how to shoot the work you love that gets new work and will keep you working.


I'll teach you systems for every part of this photography business to maximize your income. 


Learn how to master passive selling and outward reach without ever having to sell.


My Story

I picked up a camera at 14. I knew I wanted to be a professional photographer when I saw Vogue for the first time at age 17. I worked hard to become the first person in my family to go to post secondary education. After my first year of photography school, I dropped out, got a studio with my older brother and started working. I thought my future was a guaranteed success. 33yrs and 15 studios later, I can tell you there are no guarantees.

I've felt frustrated and helpless at many times during this journey, but I had worked too hard to let my dreams slip away. I dove into mindset shifts, financial literacy and better systems for my day to day and came up with a system that allowed me to eliminate debt, grow my business, and secure my future.

Now my career is thriving and I empower others on their journey to making an ethical living with their cameras and their creativity.


Why I Do This

Growing up, the concept of financial literacy was foreign to me. My parents, despite their best efforts, often found themselves living paycheck to paycheck. Witnessing their struggles, I felt a calling to rise above these challenges. However, my photography journey was fraught with obstacles, and I found myself burdened by debt.

It was during this struggle that I discovered a deeper connection with my God-given talents as a creator. As photographers and content creators, we are not just capturing moments; we are participating in the act of creation itself, a divine process that reflects our unique abilities and perspectives. Embracing this gift, I learned early to harness my creativity not only as a form of artistic expression but also as a pathway to financial freedom.

But there was so much I didn't know.

I've been on this career path for decades and I realize the transformative power of my journey. it's always been clear to me that my experience held the potential to guide others. I began teaching emerging shooters in my 5th year of business.

I believe it is part of my divine mission to help fellow creators, especially those who lack the necessary tools and knowledge, to find their true calling through their creativity and their cameras. By doing so, they can not only fulfill their photography potential but also achieve financial stability.

In this spirit, I've dedicated myself to educating and empowering others in developing productive daily habits. It's more than just creating a better life for oneself; it's about uplifting businesses and clients, turning the divine gift of creativity into a sustainable livelihood. This journey of creative enlightenment is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the divine nature of our creative talents and their ability to transform lives.



I quickly assess your work, and your subject matter and your talent. Then discuss with you, where you think your work fits in the world of contemporary photography. 

This Assessment, Inspiration, motivation and the actionable steps that come out of our first 15m conversation is invaluable.

All with the goal to see where you are now, learn what you're struggling with to see if I'm the right fit to help.